My Friend’s Fish Tank, Pet Goldfish and Aquarium Decor

I just admire the aquarium of a neighbor friend of mine, a lover of exotic pet fish, as she proclaims she is. Albeit most of his fish are goldfish; all are really quite large in size already, about more or less the size of a closed fist. Some ten or so wonderful, funny pet goldfish she has actually; they have been swimming up and about for a good two years with not one of them getting sick (according to my friend), much less earning that trip to pet heaven.

Her 25-liter aquarium is the opposite of what I want mine to be, simple, with real sea weeds and no fancy ceramic decorations. This way my aquarium is not cluttered and there is more room for my pet fish to swim about.
Still, my neighbor’s fish tank took my fancy, if only because it is well maintained. What matters most to me with an aquarium is the water. It must be clear, not cloudy because non-filtering of the water.

Obviously, the water is clear of pet fish food, which means only the right amount of pet food is given to the fish, or any excess was already siphoned out of the waters. You are sure to know if a fish tank is not attended to, if there is settling of uneaten food on the bottom of the aquarium.

And like I said, I fancy no ceramic decors that are usually made animated by air pumps. However, I can’t help but admired my friend’s taste for fish tank decors, which are quite simple and complements the overall look of the aquarium, without taking too much attention away from the star of the show, which are the pet fish.

My advice for those who wish to use aquarium décor is to keep everything simple and natural. Try to acquire decors that make the environment look closely like the natural sea environment. Avoid loud decors that more often than takes away the attention from the fish. I have seen an aquarium with a ceramic house for a décor. This is definitely out of place.

Have You Visited the Pet Store Lately?

Visiting a pet store is always a fun thing for me to do. Whether I go to the small pet shop in my neighborhood or the fancy one in the shopping complex located in the heart of the city, it is always a thrill to see what’s new with the lovable pets to buy, or even just to admire.

It is quite a number of times that I went to the pet store to check out and buy great pets that I can give as birthday presents to some of my friends. And it certainly is a grand time to visit the pet shop not only because I get to buy nice pets for friends, but I also get to check out some for myself. Particularly, I look for new tropical fish that might be great addition to my (already crowded) aquarium.
Pet stores affect my decision on buying animals. The local one in our vicinity is small, quite limited in space, but nonetheless is well-kept and organized. They have a corner for their birds, while most of the space is occupied by rows of gargantuan aquarium filled with all kinds of tropical fish. What I also love about our neighborhood pet shop is that it does not smell and is brightly lit. What’s more is the wide variety of fish that you can choose from.

However, of course if I am looking for a pet shop that has everything, from fish food, to dog shampoos and anti-tick powder, then I would have to make a trip to the pet store on the shopping complex. Most large shops contain everything that you might need for your pets. And most always have all kinds of pets that you can take home – varieties of dog breeds, cats, hamsters, tropical fish, turtles and so much more. The bigger pet shops are really more of a one-stop store.

For me, pet buying itself is a big event – whether having a new fish species for my aquarium or buying a dog for a friend or loved one. And of course, the giving of lovable pet animals affords me really great pleasure, as I truly enjoy seeing the smiles of the people receiving them.

Got Pet Peeves ‘Bout Your Pets?

Got any pet peeves about your pets – ha, talk about puns. I used to have a pet cat – a crazy, simply irritatingly lovable ex-feral which I successfully converted into a tame house feline. Why irritatingly lovable? Because Meow gets to be mushy, loves to rub her head on my feet or legs – but only when I am having my meal. She just never fails to do it.

She must have sensed that I hate her to doing such gestures because I immediately give in and feed her some morsel as I eat my food. After our meal “together,” she goes her way and leave for some afternoon
walk as if she never knew me. Without even saying thanks (by way of rubbing her head again, I suppose).

By the way, do cats acquire Alzheimer’s? Because you know what? Before when she was still a newcomer in the house and needs to poop, she just goes to the garden, do her thing and cover everything with dirt. I don’t know how and where she picked up the habit, but I was really amazed the first time I saw her do it.

Sadly, she seems to have backslid a few notches in cat manners, because later on she poop anywhere she wishes, in our house – even inside my room! Talk about forgetting the more important skills.
Still and all, I learned to be patient about her shortcomings and just think that there is no perfect pet, whether it is a cat or dog. How about you? Got any pet peeves about your beloved pets?

Get the Perfect Pet Dog House

We all want our pet dogs to enjoy the convenience of living with us inside our homes. But then, many of us also have for our pets their dog houses, a place that is all for their own. However, more often than not, they would not want to use the dog house and insist on staying indoors.

With a little prodding, it is quite easy to make your pet dog accept its house, and eventually get use to it and even love it as his own. One effective way of making your pet accept its dog house is by constantly placing its food inside its house. In due time, it will automatically go to the pet house for its food and will spend more and more time in it.

When having a pet house for your dog, there are some important tips to remember. First, when placing the dog house outside, whether on the backyard or garden, you are in effect exposing your pet to the elements.

So, if you live in places with rainy or cold weather, you have to make sure that the house stays dry inside, and with sufficient heat. There are sheets or pads that are especially for dogs designed to give off heat, giving the necessary warmth and comfort to your beloved pets during cold nights.

On the other hand, if you live in summery hot places, you need to keep your dog house as cool as possible by making sure that there is sufficient ventilation. One way of keeping the house cool is by placing it under the tree shadow or shade.

How big is your pet dog? Its size is a major factor to consider when you plan to buy a dog house. What you have to do is get the measurements of your pet and then give this information to the pet shop clerk for him to decide the perfect dog house for your pet.

Dog Park

If you want your dog experience some great form of interaction with other dogs, then you might want to bring it to a local dog park. Why bring your pets on dog parks? Aside from a great means of socializing with other dogs, spending an afternoon on the park with give it the physical exercise that it needs. We all know that dogs need to be regularly active so it is indeed a great idea for you to give your pet the dog park experience.

However, you must be aware of the risks involved in bringing your pet dog to the park. First is the possibility of dog fights. I myself have witnessed a few dogfights in the park, and they were definitely not a pretty sight. The best way to deal with a fight among dogs is to prevent one before it gets into a full-blown one. Check the dog park if it has section with which dogs of different types and sizes can be separated.

Another problem that might arise when bringing your pet to the dog park is the possibility of the spread and infection of contagious diseases. You must be responsible with your dog; if you know it is sick, then it is best not to bring it to the park. Be sensible not only with your dog’s welfare but also with that of the other pet owners’ dogs.

Still and all, dog parks generally provide a way for your pet dog to have healthy socialization with other dogs. The sound advice is to bring it to the dog park but act with caution. Know how to protect your dog from exposure to possible risks, especially on its health. These in turn keeps the dog park as safe as possible, both for your dog and those of the other pet owners in your area.

De-clawing Your Pet Cat’s Claws? A Big No-no

I am a pet owner of a feral turned lovable domesticated cat for a long time now, but would you believe that it is just recently that I learned about the practice of de-clawing the cat. Removing the cat’s claws? Is there really such a thing? And if there is, how possible is it without having any major adverse effect on the cat’s being? I cannot imagine myself removing the claws of my pet cat. Why should I, when I know that the cat’s claws are its main way of defending and protecting itself.

I just think de-clawing is cruel because claws are the cat’s integral and indispensable part. It’s true, cat’s claws are connected to its bones, and so claws are what make up the bones’ last part or joint. Another fact to consider before anyone decides on de-clawing their pet cat is the tremendous amount of pain that the surgery (amputation is the right term) will cause it. Such pain does not end on the veterinarian’s surgery table. Your cat will continue to suffer as it goes through a long recovery.

Why would you de-claw your cat? Just to save and preserve your nice furniture and carpets? What a flimsy reason to decide on hurting your pet cat. No pet owner in his right mind would want to have his cat’s claws amputated just to save some sofa from scratches and tear.

Pet cat owners have other alternative solutions aside from declawing. First of all, you can trim your pet’s claws, if you see that it has gotten to long. Make sure to use the appropriate nail cutter for cats. Be careful when performing the process, otherwise you might cut and hurt the cat’s paws instead.

Likewise, there are nail caps that are made from plastic and can be used to completely cover your pet cat’s claws. Simple glue effectively keeps the caps securely in place. Another alternative is a special scratcher which is effective in keeping the cat from damaging your furniture. The scratcher can be made more attractive to cats by adding some catnip on it. Both nail caps and scratchers are available at any pet store, and so you might want to add on your list of pet supplies some good nail caps and scratchers for your next visit to the pet supply store.

Chow Chow for Pet Dog

If there is one breed of dog that I would love to have, it is the Chow Chow. My cousin used to have a Chow Chow for a pet dog, and she knew that I adore her dog so much that she takes advantage of it by asking me for Alfie’s bath and grooming. I really do not mind, because I just love making sure that Alf’s thick brown coat of fur is really taken care of.

At first, the Chow Chow was very hostile to my first attempts to befriend it. It really took me time before I was finally able to win its trust. Eventually when I would come over to my cousin’s place (which is every afternoon), Alfie was always there to greet me with its loud continuous bark, which will not stop until I give it some pats on its back. This seeming aggressiveness of Alfie is quite an unusual behavior for a Chow Chow as this dog breed is quite known for being timid and unsociable.

So for those who encounter a dog of this breed for the first time, prepare to be frustrated that your physical show of appreciation for it will not be reciprocated. Always remember that bonding at first instance is not the Chow Chow’s style. What I like about Chow Chow as pet dog is the loyalty that it shows to its master. Well, I can say that Alfie recognized not just one, but two masters – my cousin and I.