Cats need greens too

Even though cats are meat eaters … there are times when domestic cats crave some greens.

Their cousins in the wild consume greens, when they eat the stomach contents of their prey.

All cats benefit from a snack of untreated cat grass

Outdoor cats have plenty of opportunity to nibble on grass.

On the down side, lush green grass in your neighborhood may have been treated with weed killers, pesticides and other harmful substances.

And cats craving some greens can be attracted to indoor plants, some of which might be poisonous.

Cat grass provides fiber and helps control hairballs

Cat grass can help remove undigested hair from your cat’s digestive system, either end.

I find if my cats gobble it up, they will regurgitate (or throw up) the undigested grass and maybe undigested contents of their stomachs, such as cat hair. As they become less excited about the grass, they remember their manners and nibble instead.

How I care for growing cat grass

My local pet store sells growing cat grass in containers.

When I buy them, the containers are generously filled with seeds and the cat grass is starting to grow – 1/2 an inch to two or three inches high.

I gently water the top, to give the seeds some moisture but not move them around. Then I place the seed container in a shallow pan of water and let the soil and roots have a good drink – about an hour.

When the grass reaches two inches or so, the cats can start munching.

No more water for now. Too much damp will make the cat grass go musty.

Cat grass grows quickly. As it gets a bit yellow, and the soil dries out (you can tell by the weight of the cat grass) re-water the seeds and then the roots.

Give the cat grass a hair cut

With scissors, cut back two inches or so, to leave the shorter, sweeter grass and tender shoots. Because the seeds have been kept damp, new grass is sprouting.

I find I can get two harvests from the grass using this method.

Starting cat grass from seed

Cat grass seed packs and kits, with growing instructions, are easy to find. Common cat grass seeds are wheat, oats and rye. Organic soil is preferable.

Cats like to pull on the grass, as they eat. To avoid tipping, choose a planter that is quite heavy … or put a lighter container of grass inside a heavier container.

Chia Cat Grass Planter

This fun grass kit contains a blend of wheat grass and oat grass seeds, soil and an attractive planter. Within a few days the grass is ready to eat … a healthy snack for “cats, dogs, birds and other pets.”

cat eating grassWhether your cat’s craving for cat grass stems from a genuine need of greens …

or for a little assistance with bathroom duties …

it’s a handy, healthy treat.