Are You a Dog or Cat Person?

Which would you choose for a pet – a dog or a cat? A Lassie or a Felix? A Scooby Doo or a Garfield? Which do you think is the better family pet? Some families I know have a pet dog or two, and never a pet cat. Others have both. While still, some other families have only pet cats.

In my case, I usually own both animals; they are always running around the house, with the dog chasing after the cat. They seem to be always clashing, forever in battling mode although fortunately it has never turned violent.

My last pet dog was a brown mutt, my beloved mongrel of a dog with unknown descent. I got it from a downtown corner pet store, sold to me by a dog peddler who has been the origin of all the dogs that I had. Dogs are great companions, seemingly not getting tired of following his master all the time. My pet dog is the overly patronizing type – goes wherever I go; we are like Siamese twins, but with an invisible link that is.

Cats are wonderful pets especially for people who love those that are purebred. One relative owns a white, exotic-looking Balinese cat the fur of which shines so lustrously albeit my relative hardly does regular grooming to its coat. It turns out it is one great quality of this cat breed.

Likewise, pet cats are great – if you would love them around because they scare away the vermin that stubbornly lurks around your house. On its own, cats especially the wild feral type, are such a challenge. Yet I was able to successfully domesticate a few. While naturally, a cat can be indifferent even to the one who feeds it, I have my share of loving moments with my pet cat. Mine has a habit of rubbing its tummy and head on my legs and feet whenever it wants to call my attention. Actually it is a sign that my cat wants to be fed, and I always oblige.

So, are you more of a dog or a cat lover? There is no need to choose as you can actually have both. On the first few days, it is a given that fights and chases will occur. But eventually at the very least they will not mind each other. However, if you see that acts of aggressive still persists (especially on the part of the dog), it is best to give up one of them.

It is great if friendship or even just animal civility blossoms between them. Despite their differences and their constant squabbles (with you always acting as the mediator), it is really nice if you can enjoy both dogs and cats together as family pets.

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