Considerations Before Buying a Cat

Feline Paradise Considerations Before Buying a Cat

We have all been there, peering through the glass or cage at those adorable, irresistible kittens. In situations like this, it is hard to not be impetuous and take one of those adorable babies home without further consideration.

But, before adopting or buying your first cat, there are many things to consider, that will ensure that a kitten/cat will fit well into your lifestyle. To avoid problems one should consider the following questions carefully beforehand:

Are you prepared to take care of your cat throughout her whole life (15-20 years), and throughout her entire life kitten to elderly cat?
Would all the people and other pets in your household welcome/accept the introduction of a new cat? Are there anyone allergic to cats? Are there other aggressive pets in the household… aggressive dogs?
Can you afford the financial expense of raising a cat, which will run roughly $500 – $700 annually (vet bills, cat food, kitty litter, etc).
Do you have enough time for a cat? Raising and training a happy, well be-haved cat takes a time and effort. Cats also need exercise, training, and attention. If your work requires you to travel often, or work evenings and weekends often… then perhaps a cat is not for you.
In the event of a health or behavioural problem, are you willing to deal with the problem, perhaps involving professional help which may come at a great expense?
Can you handle a little disorder? Cats are curious by nature and can knock over vases/plants, scratch up clothes/furniture, and shed on your clothes and belongings. Are you a neat freak… can you handle all that?
During your vacations, do you have a place to take care of your cat? – relative/friend or professional service?
Although a cat can be trained to a certain extent, cats are independent for the most part and may not be as affectionate/loyal as dogs. Are you able to accept the independent nature and personality of your cat?

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