Cat Care Tips You Should Not Miss

Dogs are not the only delightful pet that you can have. Cats are one of the favorite domestic pets too. Some people adopt cats and some buy cats from pet store. But adopting or buying cats is not that easy because you need to know which one you really want. There are various types of cats and they vary in gender, age, price and breed. Some cats are hairy and some are not, some are big and some are cute, some are easy maintenance and some are high maintenance. Do you want a kitten or do you want an adult cat? Having a cat is like having a baby because you need to take care of them. Be sure that you have read some cat care tips before having one. Here are some of them:

Cat care includes bathing, feeding and grooming. You may be surprised because normally cats do not require bathing because they can clean their body on their own. But you may want to do so for hygienic purposes and to avoid germs. You can ask someone to assist you if this will be your first time to bathe your cat. Hold the cat and quickly lather the head, ears, neck and body. Remove any fleas if there is any and to stay away from colds, keep the cat inside after bathing.

Do not give any bones or dog foods to a cat, they differ when it comes to food. Gradually change their diet if you plan to change it because it may affect their system. Keep your cat hydrated by filling their bowl with fresh water especially during hot season. You can serve dry and moist food to cats but if there are leftover moist foods, refrigerate it. Cats need proper grooming too, especially those hairy cats especially if you do not want to see fur all over your house. Brush their fur to avoid and remove tangles. Trim the cat’s claws and clean their ears too. Brush their teeth regularly.

Visiting veterinarian is very important in cat care. This is to avoid sickness and to ensure that you pet is strong and in good health. Be sure that your cats have proper vaccination and medication. Cats should be treated every year with heart worm pill. If your cat is clean and healthy, your family will be protected from possible infections and diseases. The best cat care tip is to take care and love them.

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