Cat Grass

Cat Grass

Cats are meat eaters, true enough, but there are times when cats seem to crave some greens and extra fiber. For domestic felines, cat grass fits the bill.

It is not entirely clear why cats love to eat some greenery – but they do – and it’s our job as faithful cat keepers to help them meet that need.

Why do cats eat grass? Some paws-abilities …

Help with hairballs

Cat grass can help remove undigested hair from your cat’s digestive tract, either end. When your cat grooms he or she swallows cat hair.

Cat grass promotes digestion and assists with the passage of undigested hair through the intestines and into the litter box.

red cat taking a mouthful of cat grass

Grass or greens can also cause your cat to regurgitate (or throw up) the undigested contents of his stomach, such as cat hair or a full blown hairball. The grass can carry all the undigested cat hair along with it on its non-return trip out of your cat’s body. It very much seems like one of nature’s way of ridding your cat of hairballs.

Your cat may be seeking some extra minerals or B vitamins or the cat grass could be just plain tasty.

Outdoor cats have plenty of opportunity to nibble on grass. On the down side, the velvety green grass in your neighborhood may have been treated with weed killers, pesticides and other poisonous substances.

Perhaps all is quiet in your living space – a little too quiet for anyone with an indoor cat. Suddenly a large fern seems to have a life of its own and when inspected more closely the culprit is a fuzzy body daintily nibbling fern fronds …

Indoor cats or outdoor cats will appreciate an offering of organic cat grass. For your convenience and your cat’s pleasure many pet stores offer affordable containers of growing cat grass.

terra cotta pot with cat grass growing

You can easily grow your own. Common cat grass seeds are wheat, oats and rye. Choose a planter that is heavy and won’t tip when your feline has a snack.

Whether your cat’s yen for cat grass stems from his craving for a little dietary variation or his need for a little assistance with elimination … it’s a healthy indulgence and we all know the benefits of having a happy healthy cat.

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