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Declawing a cat is not a quick nail trim ..

A cat’s claws are rooted in the paws and are actually attached to the first toe bones. In order to remove the claws … the bone is removed … at the first joint … cutting through flesh, tendons, nerves and blood vessels. Declawing a cat, in truth, is amputating the tops of all your cat’s […]

One less cat

In early January, 2011, my huge Maine Coon … Ruttu … began to have difficulty breathing. Off to the vet we went. It didn’t even occur to me that I wouldn’t be bringing him home. An X-ray revealed a large cancerous tumor growing around his heart and pressing against his lungs. The last minutes of […]

Cats need greens too

Even though cats are meat eaters … there are times when domestic cats crave some greens. Their cousins in the wild consume greens, when they eat the stomach contents of their prey. All cats benefit from a snack of untreated cat grass Outdoor cats have plenty of opportunity to nibble on grass. On the down […]