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How to Raise a Tadpole

While many homeowners love to give attention to usual pets such as dogs and cats, some prefer raising amphibians at home. The experience can be memorable since raising a tadpole, for instance, allows you to witness the dramatic metamorphosis of a water creature to a land creature. Raising a tadpole can be both fascinating and […]

How to Pad Train a Puppy

Bringing home a cute adorable puppy makes everyone excited to teach the puppy different tricks. Before teaching your puppy some cool tricks, don’t forget to potty train him first. Housebreaking a puppy may be a bit hard for you if you don’t know the proper way of doing it. Here are some tips to pad […]

How to Milk a Cow

Paying a visit to the country? Why not have a hand at milking a cow? Learn one of the basic routines of living in the countryside by milking a cow by hand. Here’s how. Materials Mild soap Warm water Vaseline Bucket Procedure Milk the cow at the same time of day the farmer regularly does. […]

How to Litter Train a Kitten

Kittens are nice, soft, cuddly things, but it’s not so cute when they poop just about everywhere but their litter box. Get started litter training your kitten early on with these steps. Materials Litter box Litter Scooper Procedure If your household already has cats, buy a separate litter box for your kitten, appropriate for its […]

How to Keep Bees

Keeping bees may seem daunting, as bees usually have the reputation of being bad stingers. However, done properly, you can actually benefit from harvesting their honey, the help with pollination and help breed more bees. Before getting started, make sure that you check out your locality’s rules on beekeeping. Some cities require several regulations to […]

How to Keep a Dog Off the Furniture

Changing your pet dog’s nasty behavior inside the house can be pretty daunting especially if your furry little buddy has already become too comfortable with some of your furniture. While it is easier to train a puppy to stay off chairs, cabinets and the sofa, you may still come across a new dog that has […]

My Friend’s Fish Tank, Pet Goldfish and Aquarium Decor

I just admire the aquarium of a neighbor friend of mine, a lover of exotic pet fish, as she proclaims she is. Albeit most of his fish are goldfish; all are really quite large in size already, about more or less the size of a closed fist. Some ten or so wonderful, funny pet goldfish […]

Have You Visited the Pet Store Lately?

Visiting a pet store is always a fun thing for me to do. Whether I go to the small pet shop in my neighborhood or the fancy one in the shopping complex located in the heart of the city, it is always a thrill to see what’s new with the lovable pets to buy, or […]

Got Pet Peeves ‘Bout Your Pets?

Got any pet peeves about your pets – ha, talk about puns. I used to have a pet cat – a crazy, simply irritatingly lovable ex-feral which I successfully converted into a tame house feline. Why irritatingly lovable? Because Meow gets to be mushy, loves to rub her head on my feet or legs – […]

Get the Perfect Pet Dog House

We all want our pet dogs to enjoy the convenience of living with us inside our homes. But then, many of us also have for our pets their dog houses, a place that is all for their own. However, more often than not, they would not want to use the dog house and insist on […]