Chow Chow for Pet Dog

If there is one breed of dog that I would love to have, it is the Chow Chow. My cousin used to have a Chow Chow for a pet dog, and she knew that I adore her dog so much that she takes advantage of it by asking me for Alfie’s bath and grooming. I really do not mind, because I just love making sure that Alf’s thick brown coat of fur is really taken care of.

At first, the Chow Chow was very hostile to my first attempts to befriend it. It really took me time before I was finally able to win its trust. Eventually when I would come over to my cousin’s place (which is every afternoon), Alfie was always there to greet me with its loud continuous bark, which will not stop until I give it some pats on its back. This seeming aggressiveness of Alfie is quite an unusual behavior for a Chow Chow as this dog breed is quite known for being timid and unsociable.

So for those who encounter a dog of this breed for the first time, prepare to be frustrated that your physical show of appreciation for it will not be reciprocated. Always remember that bonding at first instance is not the Chow Chow’s style. What I like about Chow Chow as pet dog is the loyalty that it shows to its master. Well, I can say that Alfie recognized not just one, but two masters – my cousin and I.

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