How to Clean a Cat Cage

Whether you have a dog or a cat, it is important for you clean everything that they have used or have stayed in. Even your most well-trained pet cats and dogs can still make quite a mess from time to time. This is why cat cages, for instance, need to be cleaned regularly. A cat’s cage can be the breeding ground for the worst germs. Without the proper cleaning, you are not only endangering the condition of your cat, but also the people who regularly come in contact with him.

Cleaning a cat cage is just like cleaning any other animal cage. The difference though, lies in the size and the kind of dirt that you will see in it. Cat cages tend to have a lot more hair attached to it, as well as some grimy excrements residing underneath. But no matter what you may find in the cat cage, it is still essential that you take the time to clean it up.

The probability of a cat cage to be infested by dirt, germs and grime are not as high compared to other animal cages. Since cats are mostly left outside, the cage is only used when someone wants to bring their pets along with them on trips. But when the cat is in the cage, there are times when they will have to excrete some wastes. So for such, the most important thing to do with regards to cleaning the cat cage is to disinfect the waste collector underneath.

Before anything else though, you need to prepare all the necessary cleaning tools. A regular cleaning brush will do, but if you have something smaller for the cat cage grills, then that would be helpful. You can use disinfectants as your main cleaning liquid just as long as it won’t have a strong lingering scent. There are certain bacteria left over in cat excrements that cannot be cleaning by regular liquids. Just to be sure, a cage cleaning detergent can come in handy though it can be costly.

Disassemble the cage before you start cleaning it. Remove all the cat enclosures and then clean them separately. This way, you get to reach all the spots without leaving anything dirty. Brush everything thoroughly. But be careful not to do it too hard. The cage grills can be easily bent if too much force is applied. After soaping it, rinse it with water. Make sure that all the bubbles are removed already. Any soapy areas left can be a cause of concern, as germs may not have been removed immediately in such areas. After rinsing, dry each part of the cage with a towel. Then if possible, dry the parts of the cage under the sun. This is important as sunlight can kill off any of the remaining germs that may reside on the cage. After confirming that the cage is completely dry, then you can put it back together.


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