De-clawing Your Pet Cat’s Claws? A Big No-no

I am a pet owner of a feral turned lovable domesticated cat for a long time now, but would you believe that it is just recently that I learned about the practice of de-clawing the cat. Removing the cat’s claws? Is there really such a thing? And if there is, how possible is it without having any major adverse effect on the cat’s being? I cannot imagine myself removing the claws of my pet cat. Why should I, when I know that the cat’s claws are its main way of defending and protecting itself.

I just think de-clawing is cruel because claws are the cat’s integral and indispensable part. It’s true, cat’s claws are connected to its bones, and so claws are what make up the bones’ last part or joint. Another fact to consider before anyone decides on de-clawing their pet cat is the tremendous amount of pain that the surgery (amputation is the right term) will cause it. Such pain does not end on the veterinarian’s surgery table. Your cat will continue to suffer as it goes through a long recovery.

Why would you de-claw your cat? Just to save and preserve your nice furniture and carpets? What a flimsy reason to decide on hurting your pet cat. No pet owner in his right mind would want to have his cat’s claws amputated just to save some sofa from scratches and tear.

Pet cat owners have other alternative solutions aside from declawing. First of all, you can trim your pet’s claws, if you see that it has gotten to long. Make sure to use the appropriate nail cutter for cats. Be careful when performing the process, otherwise you might cut and hurt the cat’s paws instead.

Likewise, there are nail caps that are made from plastic and can be used to completely cover your pet cat’s claws. Simple glue effectively keeps the caps securely in place. Another alternative is a special scratcher which is effective in keeping the cat from damaging your furniture. The scratcher can be made more attractive to cats by adding some catnip on it. Both nail caps and scratchers are available at any pet store, and so you might want to add on your list of pet supplies some good nail caps and scratchers for your next visit to the pet supply store.

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