Got Pet Peeves ‘Bout Your Pets?

Got any pet peeves about your pets – ha, talk about puns. I used to have a pet cat – a crazy, simply irritatingly lovable ex-feral which I successfully converted into a tame house feline. Why irritatingly lovable? Because Meow gets to be mushy, loves to rub her head on my feet or legs – but only when I am having my meal. She just never fails to do it.

She must have sensed that I hate her to doing such gestures because I immediately give in and feed her some morsel as I eat my food. After our meal “together,” she goes her way and leave for some afternoon
walk as if she never knew me. Without even saying thanks (by way of rubbing her head again, I suppose).

By the way, do cats acquire Alzheimer’s? Because you know what? Before when she was still a newcomer in the house and needs to poop, she just goes to the garden, do her thing and cover everything with dirt. I don’t know how and where she picked up the habit, but I was really amazed the first time I saw her do it.

Sadly, she seems to have backslid a few notches in cat manners, because later on she poop anywhere she wishes, in our house – even inside my room! Talk about forgetting the more important skills.
Still and all, I learned to be patient about her shortcomings and just think that there is no perfect pet, whether it is a cat or dog. How about you? Got any pet peeves about your beloved pets?

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