How to Milk a Cow

Paying a visit to the country? Why not have a hand at milking a cow? Learn one of the basic routines of living in the countryside by milking a cow by hand. Here’s how.


Mild soap
Warm water


Milk the cow at the same time of day the farmer regularly does. Cows like routine, and milking them at the same time of day means they will be more prepared for it. Sit on the same spot or side where the farmer usually sits.

Tie the cow with a halter and attached to a sturdy post.

Use mild soap and warm water to wash down the teats. Make sure your hands are clean too. Pat the teats dry, making sure you do not irritate them by rubbing.

Use a short stool to sit down on. Keep an arm’s distance away from the cow’s teats, just in case the cow makes a sudden movement. This is a safety measure that must be observed at all times.

Put a bucket under the udder.

Apply some Vaseline or lubricant on your hands to reduce friction as you milk the cow.

Take two teats into the palm of your hand.

Squeeze down the teat with your thumb and forefinger to push out the milk. As more milk comes out, use more fingers to push out the milk.

Maintain a firm pressure all throughout, so as not to have the milk come back up the udders again. Do not yank nor pull down on the cow’s teats.

Once one hand is tired of milking the cow, use the other hand using the same technique.

Continue milking the cow until you feel the udders deflated and only a little milk comes out. If you’re not sure, ask the farmer to check if it has been fully milked. If it has been, move on to the other two teats.

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