How to Show a Dog

Are you extremely fond of your beautiful, obedient and intelligent pooch? If you think he’s got what it takes to best other dogs, sign him up for the next dog show. Showing your dog is not as easy as it sounds, though, and you’ll need a few pointers.

What You’ll Need:

Dog breed papers
Application form for the dog show
Dog grooming supplies

How Does A Dog Show Work?

Dog shows are friendly competitions that allow dog owners to compare their pooch with other dogs. Usually sponsored by a business or dog kennel, and sanctioned by a kennel club, the event allows the dogs participating to be examined by a panel of judges, as they are separated into several categories. The dogs are given points, and the one with the highest points in a certain category wins the title.

Registering for the show

Registration is the first step you’ll have to take when showing your dog. Here are some pointers to remember.

Register your dog in a kennel club before signing up for a dog show. For example, if the dog show you want to join is sanctioned by the American Kennel Club, you have to register your dog with them first. Remember, the AKC only allows purebred dogs to be registered.

Have the important information ready before you register. Facts you have to know include the name of the breeder (if applicable), litter number, and the name of the dam and sire (mother and father).

Check upcoming dog show schedules. You can do this through the Internet.

Know which category or show suits your dog best. Will he do well in an agility contest? Is he a sheepdog? Will he stand a chance in best of breed?

Know the rules and regulations of the show, to avoid disqualification.

Pay the registration fee and get your identification number. You (the owner) will be wearing this number, so it won’t hide any of the dog’s features.

Training your dog

Your dog must be well-behaved before you enter him, otherwise, he might not win against the competition. Here are some pointers to follow.

Some dogs become restless when in the company of other canines or large crowds. Teach him to overcome his fear, and let him get used to these kinds of environments.

Leash-train your dog. He must get used to being tied on a leash all the time.

Teach your dog the basic commands, including sit, heel, down and come. Give him voice commands first, then try to do it without calling out to him. You’ll have to come up with a signal for these different commands. Also, make sure your dog learns how to “sit” whenever you stop walking.

Practice “stacking” or posing your dog. Teach him how to hold his legs and angle his head. Command him to stay in that position for long periods of time.

Go over him as if you’re a judge. Examine his teeth, eyes, testicles (male dogs) and pick up his feet.

Always reward your darling. He’s gone through a lot of hard work, and he deserves little goodies!

Grooming your dog

Appearance matters a lot in dog shows, so you must make sure your dog shines and looks good all throughout. Here are some tips.

Brush your dog’s coat thoroughly, to make it shine. Short-haired dogs might only need a glove-type brush, but long-haired breeds require a stiffer brush type.

Clean his outer ear with a cleaning solution and a cotton ball.

Bathe your dog with mild dog shampoo and warm water. Dry him thoroughly after.

Clean the outer ears gently with a cleaning solution and a cotton ball or soft cloth. Be mindful not to get any solution in the inner canal of the ear.

Check his eyes for unsightly gunk in the corner. Wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Trim your dog’s nails. If you don’t know how, let a vet or dog groomer do it for you.

Clean and brush his teeth, either with a toothbrush, or through a chew-the-stick game.

What’s in it for you? Fun and pride, of course! If you want to show off your doggie’s talent, then sign him up for the next show!

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