How to Show a Horse

A horse show is what makes owning a horse a lot of fun. Though it may be a bit stressing at times, the applause, admiration and rewards you get from showing your horse is irreplaceable. Here are a few tips you can follow for a successful horse show.


Gather all the equipment you need. Be sure to have all the necessary things with you before leaving your place.

Give your horse a good bath a couple of days before the show. This will give time for your horse’s skin to produce oils that give your horse a natural shine. You may also opt to apply hair shines or coats on your horse.

Tame your horse’s mane. Depending on the type of horse you have and the class you’re competing in, try to keep the the hair of your horse tidy. Apart from special skills, a good presentation of the horse will also earn you points.

Arrive at the competing area at least an hour early to give you enough time to make necessary adjustments. It’ll also give your horse the chance to get comfortable in the new environment before competing.

Read and understand the guidelines. Knowing the contest rules and guidelines should be done weeks before the show, but it’s still best to review them once you’re on location already.

Prepare yourself. Dress appropriately for the class that you’re competing on. Stay focused and be confident. Remember that your horse depends on you. If you start to panic, your horse will do the same thing.

Use the right tack for your class. There are some events that have strict rules. Be sure to follow them closely to avoid being disqualified.


Joining a horse show doesn’t need to be expensive.

If you’re new at showing horses, try to join schooling shows first. This will allow you to practice at a much lower price than rated shows.

Join rated shows when you’re confident already. Showing horses needs a lot of time and effort. Be sure that you’re ready enough before joining rated shows.

For shows longer than a day, choose a day that has the most categories you want to compete in. This will cut your trailer and stall expenses.

If you’re getting a stall, look for somebody who might want to share a stall with your horse. It’ll also be a good idea to share materials to reduce your expenses on grooming products and other things you might need to buy while on the show.

There are numerous horse grooming products in the market. The cheaper ones work as well as the expensive ones.

Learn training techniques. You don’t have to hire a professional trainer. Study different techniques and be the one to train your horse. This may take some time, but it’ll surely help you save money on training fees. This will also make you develop a good relationship with your horse that’s very important in competitions.

Showing horses needs time and effort. Just like any pet, you need to bond with your horse to be able to put up a good show. Remember, even horses need tender loving care.

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