How to Stop a Dog from Barking

Picture this: it’s 3 AM, you are slumbering peacefully, when all of a sudden, your dog starts barking, causing a racket. You know it’s in your dog’s nature to bark, but sometimes you wish there was a way to make him stop. Don’t worry, here are some tips that might help you.

What You’ll Need:

Chew toys
Doggie treats for reward
Leash and collar
Identify The “Culprit”

Most dogs bark because they feel annoyed, angry or insecure. While they can bark at innocent people, like passerbys or the mailman, they can also bark at unwanted and sometimes dangerous people, like thieves, for example.

Pay attention to your dog when he starts barking, and identify what makes him do so. Are there people lurking around in your backyard? Are kids teasing him? Maybe your dog is just trying to protect you, or himself and it’s these causes you’ve got to eliminate, and not the barking.

Socialize Your Pooch

Dogs, when they’ve been outcast from other people and animals, will most definitely bark at the sight or strangers. If you don’t take your dog out to be with other people and dogs, he or she will certainly grow up not getting used to their presence. You have to “socialize” your dog, so he will be relaxed, even with other people and animals around him. Take him for a walk or to the park to meet other people and dogs. The more he becomes used to them, the less nervous and anxious he will be.

Before Company Arrives, Exercise Your Dog

Dogs that have plenty of pent-up energy will most likely bark, compared to those that always get exercise and attention. Even if the people you bring over are guests and not stranger, chances are your dog will still bark at them. If you plan to have some friends over, take your darling pooch out for a walk. This will help get rid of all the pent-up energy in him, and he won’t do any excessive barking. Do this an hour before you expect people to arrive.

Train Him Not To Bark

Dogs are obedient and loyal pets, and if you properly train him, you’ll have his barking under control. As soon as you get one, you must teach him what is and is not allowed at home. You have to make him understand that barking is a bad habit. Use a no barking command, like “Hush”, or “Enough, every time he makes the noise, to get him to stop. Say it in a firm voice, but don’t shout. It’s best to do this while he’s still in his puppy years, so he’ll get used to it.

Here’s another way to teach him how to be quiet.

Get him to start barking. You can use your doorbell as the initiator. Ring the doorbell, then allow him to bark several times.

Get a doggie treat, and say your no barking command. You can use any command, but what’s important is you use only one. If you use several different commands, your pooch will become confused.

When he sniffs the treat and stops barking, praise him and give the treat to him. Repeat this, allowing him to stay quiet for longer periods, before you finally give him the doggie treat.

If this tactic still fails, use a squirt bottle with tap water. This might seem a bit harsh though, so use it sparingly.

Entertain Him

Dogs bark too, when they become lonely or bored. Not only that, if he is unhappy, he can also have some other undesirable traits. Make sure your dog is always entertained and happy. Play with him often, and spend some time with him. You should also get him chew toys, to stimulate his mind and distract him.

Reward Your Dog

Whenever your dog learns to follow your no barking command, it’s only proper to give him a small reward for his good behavior. Give him some dog biscuits. Sometimes, a pat on the head or a hug will suffice. After all, dogs loved to be cuddled.

Dogs bark, but it doesn’t have to be a nuisance. Remember this tips, and you’ll soon have a well-behaved pooch and a quieter household.

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