How To Take Care of Goldfish

Goldfish are considered one of the easiest pets to take care of, and are usually a “test” for most people if they are able to take care of pets. They’re also beautiful additions to our home. Here are the things you should know when taking care of goldfish.

What You Need

Aquarium. Aquarium size depends on how many goldfish you plan on keeping. The rule of thumb for aquariums are two gallons for every inch of a full-grown goldfish.

Aquarium gravel
Aquarium filter
Tap water


Get the proper aquarium size for your goldfish. While fishbowls may look quite charming, they’re usually not right for goldfish. Keep in mind that your goldfish can grow amazingly big with the proper care, so consider giving your aquarium a size allowance for growth. Make sure that your aquarium has a hood to prevent your goldfish from jumping out (it does happen).

Tap water is typically good enough for goldfish aquariums. A pH of 7.2-7.6 is the best for your goldfish. If you are unsure with your water’s pH balance, consult a professional or your nearest pet store.

Let your tap water sit for a day before putting it into the aquarium. This will remove the chlorine and attain the same room temperature as the water already inside the aquarium. You should partially change your aquarium water once every two weeks, for an aquarium with a water filter and once for aquariums with none. Remove a quarter of the water and replace with the appropriate water.

Having a gravel floor in your aquarium encourages good bacteria to grow that will help break down the bad bacteria in the water.

A filtration system for your aquarium is essential in keeping your goldfish alive. Goldfish, dead plants and uneaten food can decay and produce ammonia in the aquarium. Ammonia is poisonous to goldfish. Having a filtration system makes sure this doesn’t happen. Replacement of filtering elements should be done one at a time, and not all at the same time. Make sure you replace your filters once a month. Remember, the bigger your aquarium, the more powerful your filter.

The best food for your goldfish is still the pre-packaged food that is commonly sold in pet stores. Feed your goldfish small amounts of food several times a day. Observe your goldfish’s eating habits. If they are not able to finish the amount you’ve fed them, you’ve fed them too much. Goldfish treats are also recommended, but you must only feed them treats occasionally. Their main diet must still consist of goldfish food.

Airstones are beautiful additions to your goldfish tank, but they are also quite useful. Airstones also encourage oxygenation of the water and getting rid of undesirable elements in your aquarium.

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