Must Have Cat Supplies.

Having a pet like dog or cat is not easy. It is like having your own baby or child that you need to take care off. You need to feed, bathe and groom your pets. Proper attention should be given to them and of course you need to stock cat supplies like food, toiletries, grooming kit and other supplies that will give comfort to your cat.

If you are planning to buy of adopt a cat, here are the must have or essential cat supplies that you should have. First is the cat food, be sure that you have cat food on hand upon arriving in your place, kitten needs a special food while adult cats can have either a moist food or dry food. Always remember that bones and dog food are not cat foods, so be sure to serve the food that is appropriate for cats. Second essential cat supplies are feeding dishes. Use or buy a separate dish for your cat. Get a bowl for his food and separate for drinks. There are several choices in the market but make sure that the bowl is clean, scratch proof and heavy. Stainless steel bowl is the best choice.

Third is the bed, some say that a cat bed is not necessary because cats can sleep anywhere and they are not like dogs that sleep in one place. But for me, cat bed is essential if you do not want your cat to sleep with your bed or furniture. It is a matter of persuading and training your cats to sleep on their own bed. Patience is needed. Fourth essential cat supplies are cat litter and cat tray, it is necessary if you adopt or buy a kitten because they will not be able to go out while young. Always choose the bigger size when buying.

Other supplies that are essential are shampoo and comb, to keep your cat clean. Nail cutter to trim the nails of the cat. Buy a cat collar where you can put your name and contact number just in case you lost your cat and so the founder can contact you. Cat toys are also essential because it stimulates the cat. Cats love to play yarn and string. A cat carrier is also important because from time to time you need to transport your cat from your home to the veterinary clinic. These cat supplies are readily available in the market or you can order it online.

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