My Friend’s Fish Tank, Pet Goldfish and Aquarium Decor

I just admire the aquarium of a neighbor friend of mine, a lover of exotic pet fish, as she proclaims she is. Albeit most of his fish are goldfish; all are really quite large in size already, about more or less the size of a closed fist. Some ten or so wonderful, funny pet goldfish she has actually; they have been swimming up and about for a good two years with not one of them getting sick (according to my friend), much less earning that trip to pet heaven.

Her 25-liter aquarium is the opposite of what I want mine to be, simple, with real sea weeds and no fancy ceramic decorations. This way my aquarium is not cluttered and there is more room for my pet fish to swim about.
Still, my neighbor’s fish tank took my fancy, if only because it is well maintained. What matters most to me with an aquarium is the water. It must be clear, not cloudy because non-filtering of the water.

Obviously, the water is clear of pet fish food, which means only the right amount of pet food is given to the fish, or any excess was already siphoned out of the waters. You are sure to know if a fish tank is not attended to, if there is settling of uneaten food on the bottom of the aquarium.

And like I said, I fancy no ceramic decors that are usually made animated by air pumps. However, I can’t help but admired my friend’s taste for fish tank decors, which are quite simple and complements the overall look of the aquarium, without taking too much attention away from the star of the show, which are the pet fish.

My advice for those who wish to use aquarium décor is to keep everything simple and natural. Try to acquire decors that make the environment look closely like the natural sea environment. Avoid loud decors that more often than takes away the attention from the fish. I have seen an aquarium with a ceramic house for a décor. This is definitely out of place.

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