How to Successfully Care for Kittens.

It can be very heartbreaking to see a little orphan kitten lost along a road, and chances are, you’d be most likely to take them home and care for them. The beauty of human nature is that anything small and furry instantly equates to a potential best friend. People just cannot resist caring for a […]

How to Clean a Cat Cage

Whether you have a dog or a cat, it is important for you clean everything that they have used or have stayed in. Even your most well-trained pet cats and dogs can still make quite a mess from time to time. This is why cat cages, for instance, need to be cleaned regularly. A cat’s […]

How to Care for Cats After Neutering Surgery

Cat neutering can put an end to the birth of unwanted animals that may end up being euthanized in pet shelters. It will also protect your kittens health, stop him from developing aggressive behavior, and protect him from various reproductive diseases. Aside from increasing your pets life expectancy, it will also make him feel more […]

Cat Vomiting in Older Cats

Caring for a cat can be a complicated thing, to the point that they can be considered as high maintenance. You need to understand cat behavior in order to be able to understand your cat, and you need to always take into account the feline symptoms that could mean serious diseases. Cat vomiting in a […]

Cat Care Tips You Should Not Miss

Dogs are not the only delightful pet that you can have. Cats are one of the favorite domestic pets too. Some people adopt cats and some buy cats from pet store. But adopting or buying cats is not that easy because you need to know which one you really want. There are various types of […]

The Dos To Reach Effective Communication: Learn From Cats!

The Dos To Reach Effective Communication: Learn From Cats! If animals could speak the dog would be a blundering outspoken fellow but the cat would have the rare grace of never saying a word too much. Mark TwainEvery creature living on planet earth has its own unique way of expressing themselves i.e. to communicate. Communication […]

CATS – Pets to be adored

At present many people in this world preserves cats as a pet animal. Almost in all parts of the world cats are found as pet animal equaling dogs. Cats generally communicate through their body language representing various environments. The different types of sounds given by cats are meowing, purring, trilling, hissing, growling and grunting. There […]

Pet identification is as important for your pet

Pet identification is as important for your pet as your identification is for you It’s a mighty big world out there … Should your cat go missing, the pet identification you have provided for your pet is usually the key factor in determining whether or not your pet will make it home. In spite of […]

Fleas on cats

Fleas on cats Fleas on cats can cause more than just minor discomfort and itchy skin. Cat fleas are a common pet parasite that can carry a host of harmful diseases for both cats and humans. How can flea bites harm your pet? Flea Allergy Dermatitis While some pets may not even notice a flea […]

Declawing a cat is really

Declawing a cat is really ten separate amputations of the tops of your cat’s toes and is not problem free surgery … Cat claws are not the same as our fingernails Claws are rooted in the paws and are actually attached to the first toe bones. In order to remove the claws … the bone […]