Create a cat room … a safe space ..

Create a cat room … a safe space … for your stressed out pet For your cat, moving (or being introduced to a new home and family) can be an absolutely terrifying experience. Preparing a secure and safe room just for your nervous pet will provide him or her with a much needed quiet space […]

Cat Hairballs

Shedding hair is usually a normal process for cats Blame it on the sun. Outdoor cats, who are exposed to natural sunlight, are in tune with the seasons and tend to shed more in the spring and fall. On the other hand, indoor cats (I have five) live with artificial light and therefore can shed […]

Cat Grass

Cat Grass Cats are meat eaters, true enough, but there are times when cats seem to crave some greens and extra fiber. For domestic felines, cat grass fits the bill. It is not entirely clear why cats love to eat some greenery – but they do – and it’s our job as faithful cat keepers […]


How Do Vaccines Work ? Vaccines contain harmless strains of the viruses or bacteria that can often affect your cat. After vaccination your cats’ immune system will generate a protection that should prevent illness if the dangerous forms of these infections are encountered. This is especially important as some of these infections are incurable and […]

Moving with cats a tip or two

If you are moving with cats, a few simple steps can make an enormous difference for your pets – while ensuring they remain physically safe and reducing the likelihood of stress related medical and behavioral problems. Cats are creatures of habit and strongly attached to their territory. They don’t cope well with change. Moving is […]

Cat spraying … why cats do it and how to stop it

Cat spraying is a behavior programmed by Mother Nature. Urine marking is one method cats use to advertise their availability for mating. In most instances, having your cat neutered or spayed usually helps stop the spraying problem. Felines are territorial animals. Although your cat is well fed and cared for, it will still feel the […]

Why do cats eat grass

Cats need greens too. Even though cats are meat eaters … there are times when domestic cats crave some greens. Their cousins in the wild consume greens, when they eat the stomach contents of their prey. All cats benefit from a snack of untreated cat grass Outdoor cats have plenty of opportunity to nibble on […]

Cat Litter Reviews

Silica gel cat litter … also known as crystals and pearls These crystals or pearls are not plant based … but made from a dried silica gel. The main ingredient is sodium silicate, which is an extremely absorbent material. It effectively controls odors and can last a long time. Sodium silicate has many industrial uses. […]

protects your pet … when you’re on the move

Whether you are taking your pet cat for a short trip across town or planning a major move, owning a suitable cat carrier is a must do, because:] A pet on the loose in a car can become a projectile should you be in an accident. If you are rear ended your pet will go […]

Recognizing cat illness symptoms

… because cats are masters at hiding the fact that they are not well. Your pet cat still acts like a cat in the wild and will hide any sign of weakness … to avoid attracting the attention of predators. As tough as we like to think cats are – some health problems can become […]