How to Successfully Care for Kittens.

It can be very heartbreaking to see a little orphan kitten lost along a road, and chances are, you’d be most likely to take them home and care for them. The beauty of human nature is that anything small and furry instantly equates to a potential best friend. People just cannot resist caring for a kitten, for vulnerable little creatures seem to hit directly at our soft spots. Caring for newborn kittens can be a great task, but can be very rewarding once you’ve successfully made them grow to a healthy, ripe, adult age. If you have no idea what caring for kittens involves, then here are some tips on just how.
Caring for kittens can be a joyous task, but if your kitten is host to a number of diseases, you’re risking your life as well your family’s. Before doing anything else, it is compulsory to take your kitten to a professional veterinarian for examination. The kitten may have a series of health problems that need addressing before you can finally care for her. Once the veterinarian clears the kitten for any sign of sickness or heath problems, you may now take the kitten home.
Caring for cats is different from caring for kittens. Cats may sleep just about anywhere, but kittens need constant exposure to warmth to survive. You need to build a sleeping quarter for you kitten by utilizing a cardboard box if you have no cat bed. To generate heat, place a heat pad below the rag the kitten will sleep on. Try adding a stuffed animal beside her to recreate the feel of a mother or a brother. Kittens usually sleep cuddled together, which is exactly why kittens love tight spaces.
Caring for kittens is more than just giving her a place to stay. Feeding is another thing you must consider. Without a mother, your kitten will not have her usual supply of nutrients. Kitten food such as formulas may be available in your local pet store. These formulas are a great alternative to mothers milk. Purchase a feeding bottle for your kittens, and don’t forget to sterilize it before and after the feeding process. A sanitized eye dropper can also be used as a feeding bottle.
A mother cat frequently licks her children clean, and you can recreate this by moistening a towel with warm water. Carefully stroke the fur of the kitten making sure it is clean. Do not forget to stroke the kittens area to promote urination.
In time, caring for kittens may require the introduction of solid food. Hard food may be introduced to the kitten at six weeks of age. To give the kitten an easier time eating, moisten her food with some water.
Caring for kittens require more than just giving her the things she needs. You need to be able to provide her with physical affection and lots of love. Pet your kitten occasionally, and don’t forget to allow others to stroke her fur too!

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