The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect – A fiction novel exploring the challenges and triumphs of running an animal shelter. It’s taken me years, and it’s far from perfect, but my hope is that this book will help to ‘open the doors’ of animal sheltering, show the tremendous compassion and sacrifices made by those involved in the profession and educate the country on some of the current issues faced by animal shelters every day.

The story takes place over six weeks during the busiest time at an animal shelter: May and June. The Ripple Effect follows Shane Hillard, a 36-year old Shelter Director as she and her staff work to find positive solutions for the animals brought to them. At the same time the Board of Directors appoints a passionate but ill-informed volunteer to head up the organizations change to no-kill. The combination of events cause the staff to question their programs, processes and the very reasons they do what they do.

Providing a rare and candid look into American Animal Shelters, The Ripple Effect explores the no-kill debate, veterinary conflicts, the impacts of nationwide population imbalances and many other sensitive topics. Inspiring and revealing, The Ripple Effect weaves together the animals, the people and the issues in play across the country.

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