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Things You Don’t Expect To Find in an Airport Vending Machine

Many travelers associate airports with the worst part of their trips. The large crowds and stress of getting to your flight gate on time can be daunting. However, airports are making themselves more appealing with innovative vending machines. Packed with surprising items that you may have forgotten a home, they put an interesting twist on travel. Next time you find yourself awaiting your flight, look around for a unique vending machine to enhance your departure experience. Here are a few products that you can find in these inventive airport dispensers. 


Your makeup is in your checked-in luggage and you have to freshen up for a business meeting upon your arrival. What do you do? Simply stop by one of the Sephora vending machines, which are available in multiple airports throughout the U.S., including some in New York, Las Vegas and Dallas. According to Luxury Launches, these beauty kiosks offer travelers a number of name brands, including Juicy Couture, Bare Es​centuals, Korres, Smashbox and Dior Beauty. Everything from lipstick to eye liner can be found in these convenient machines. Just swipe your debit or credit card and choose from one of the 50 popular makeup products. Even if you didn’t forget anything, shopping at Sephora is an opportunity many girls would consider one that shouldn’t be passed up.


The New York Times noted that travelers now have access to nearly every electronic device they can possibly need while traveling. New machines called ZoomSystems  have made it possible for companies like Apple and Best Buy to provide people with iPods, iPads, iPhones, headphones, chargers and more at malls and airports. Located in various airports throughout the country, Best Buy and Apple dispensers ensure that every traveler is able to listen to his or her tunes on their long flights. Customers can even return or be refunded for their purchase if they aren’t satisfied with it by calling the service representative number located on their receipts. 

Nail polish

Similar to cosmetic vending machines, there are also dispensers that provide over 40 shades of nail polish for travelers looking to make an impression upon landing or who simply want to waste some time painting their nails while they wait for their flight. Glamour magazine suggested that you check out one of the Essie nail polish dispensers found in the Oakland InternationalAirport in California and New York’s JFK terminals. The magazine noted that the array of colors is moderately prices at $8.50 per bottle. The popularity of the brand makes it likely that these machines will start popping up in many additional locations over the coming year. 


Want to bring a truly unique gift home to your friends and family? Conde Nast Traveler recommended checking out the Gold to Go dispensers. Located in airports in Abu Dhabi, Bergamo, Dubai or Bern, small gold coins can easily be purchased as a souvenir. You also have the option of going all out and taking home a gold bar to impress your loved ones upon arrival. If you’re traveling to Las Vegas and Atlantic City, you will also find these machines at certain casinos. 

Local products

Kansas City’s unique Souvenir Made Here machines make it easy to take home a token that truly represents your destination. Filled with items from local boutiques, such as jewelry, travelers at the Kansas City International Airport can buy a last-minute souvenir without having to roam the city for something special. The dispenser even shows off the area’s local talent, offering artwork made by the city’s artists.

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